Why You Should Kitesurf in Italy

Italy comes with a diverse landscape and a number of kiteboarding conditions. You could kitesurf in the middle of the Italian Alps or head south to Sicily and ride on Mediterranean paradise. Every single kitesurf area includes a unique environment and it’s possible to kitesurf on a number of spots in just a single trip. Lots of spots have constant wind which are thermal based – as compared with storm based and gusty like you usually observe in northern Europe.

On top of that, you could say “Buon Appetito!” between kitesurf sessions as Italy is certainly the world’s capital of tasty wines and pasta-based plates which differ from one region to another.

Kitesurf camps often vary from budget backpacker style to luxurious retreats. You can find many spots to take lessons or just relax for a getaway of nonstop kiting along with friends. In case you only want to rent gear or improve on one lesson, there are numerous options to do this, as well.

Furthermore, after having a long day out in the water, you’ll get to refuel on scrumptious Italian fare offered at several of the best kitesurfing spots.

The best time for you to kitesurf in Italy:

March to October. June to August are usually peak season for tourists and may need to avoid swimmers.

Typical temperature of water:

13°C – 24°C.

Wetsuit suggestion:

3/2mm in winter, 2mm to swimsuit or boardshorts in summer.

Wind type:

Usually thermal winds from summer and spring, storm winds in autumn and winter. Depending on a particular kitesurf area.

What newbies must know:

Italy is a wonderful kitesurfing location for newbies. There are many spots which are shallow, have flat water, and wide, sandy beaches well suited for launching and landing. A few places to choose include La Stagnone, Porto Pino, and Porto Pollo.



In case you’re seeking a kitesurfing spot that’s excellent all-around and provides constant wind, Lo Stagnone is really a perfect option. With more than 300 days of wind annually, you’ll love kitesurfing on this large, shallow, flatwater lagoon regardless of what your ability level may be. Lo Stagnone is likewise a place to find a vibrant kitesurfing community having a number of kite schools and accommodation available.

Best wind: March to November


Gizzeria Lido can also be passionately named “Hang Loose Beach,” and you’ll discover why the instant you step onto its coarse sand. On this site, kiteboarders will love a laid-back and fun environment with conditions which are ideal for all kitesurfers – from newbie to advanced. There’s lots of space to launch and land, and you’ll be capable to kiteboard on flat to choppy water. You could expect continuous wind which usually varies from 11 to 20 knots with only a few gusts.

Best wind: April to September


Don’t ignore the charm of kiteboarding at Lake Garda. Lake Garda is the biggest lake throughout Italy and it is encompassed by the spectacular Italian Alps. Thermal winds blow constantly over the flatwater lake, and the very best kitesurfing spots are reachable via a boat. Early risers will like the fact that there’s constant wind early in the day.

There are lots of kitesurfing schools and camps offered to hone your skills and befriend many other kiteboarders. This particular spot is ideal for intermediate and advanced kitesurfers who are acquainted with their gear and could launch/land from a boat or small beach. In case you’re a newbie, it’s better to go with a school who could provide more guidance.

Best wind: April to October


The turquoise-clear waters, white sandy beaches, and also a remoteness which makes you feel like you’ve been stuck over a kitesurfer’s paradise. Porto Pollo is among the best spots to kiteboard in Italy not just because of its splendor but also due to its constant wind. Porto Pollo is among the windiest portions of the region, and there’s a space reserved particularly for kitesurfers. Flatwater riders could kiteboard around the lagoon while all those seeking waves could go out to the sea. Port Pollo is probably among the best places to experience a real kitesurfing holiday in picture-perfect landscapes.

Best wind: April to October


Marina de Grosseto is a kitesurfing destination within the Mediterranean. The spot is basically restricted to windsurfers and kitesurfers only. The kite schools and sites try to construct their particular structures utilizing local, natural materials to make an environment which feels more adventurous as compared to your usual kitesurfing hub. You can find huge launching and landing areas ideal for newbies, constant northwest wind, as well as shallow flatwater.

Best wind: March to October



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